Chris Kramer

Spirit Scientist

Because of life on the road, libation became a companion for Kramer years ago in Hong Kong; he found his passion in bartending, pouring fast in a high-volume club, hands on education behind the bar made him thirsty for knowledge about the many age-old traditions and secrets involving spirits. Curiosity led him to pursue an education in mixology and spirits. At the same time, while frequently on the move, his travels set the scene to test cocktail palates from around the world while picking up tips from experienced bartenders. After more than a decade of pouring drinks, its safe to say he’s tended every type of saloon, discotech, lounge, pub or bar.

“Much like the path that brought me to mixology, many of us are introduced to cocktails in a club. Which is unfortunate since the bar industry has shortcut everything of essence out of most cocktails. I refuse to allow those guests to remain uneducated at my bar. Craft cocktails have awakened the soul of libations. Fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs are laid out into seasonal “courses” by Mother Nature, and a craft cocktail menu should reflect the season at hand. A cocktail is meant to whisper with nuances, a labyrinth of tastes and emotion. Immediately after the first sip, their tongue swims in a balanced trail of excitement, and natural ingredients meld into the mouth and enjoyment proceeds onto a new level. The time has come, craft mixology has found its roots and consumers are becoming more educated about ingredients that go into their glass, I am proud to introduce guests to a level of perfection and attention to detail in every aspect of the cocktail.”

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